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General Education (GED)


The School of Liberal Arts offers General Education (GED) courses that are parts of the undergraduate programs run by different schools. As per University Grants Commission guidelines, GED courses are essential elements in imparting comprehensive life-based and value-based knowledge on students vis-a-vis their regular major concentrations.

GED courses



GED 101

Introduction to Bangla Literature

GED 102

Introduction to Computer & Application*

GED 103

Ethics and Culture

GED 104

Bangladesh Studies

GED 105

Basics in Sociology  

GED 106

Theoretical Approaches to Media Studies

GED 107

Fundamentals of Psychology

GED 108

World Civilizations and Cultures

GED 109

Introduction to Environmental Studies

GED 110

Media Law and Ethics

GED 111

Digital Culture

GED 112

Principles of Economics

GED 113


GED 114

Introduction to Gender Studies

GED 115

Research Methodology for Arts & Social Science

GED 116

Global Media: Issues and Problems

GED 117

Government and Politics

GED 118

Introduction to Journalism

GED 119

Introduction to Social Work

GED 120

Elementary Philosophy

GED 121

Introduction to Physics

GED 122

Concepts of Biology (Theory)

GED 123

Introduction to Economic Geography

            * This is regarded as an Allied/Non-Business course in BBA

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