Canadian University of Bangladesh

Education Aid

Education Aid Category


% tuition fee waiver


CUB graduates

Students who have completed an undergraduate or graduate program from Canadian University of Bangladesh


For entire program

Employee(s) of affiliated companies

Employees of affiliated companies with whom CUB has signed an MOU

50% For entire program

CUB employee(s) and Immediate family of CUB employee(s)

For CUB employee(s), Children, Sibling, Parent or Spouse of CUB employee(s)


For entire program

Immediate family members of CUB students

For Sibling, Spouse or immediate family member(s) of CUB student(s)

50% For entire program

Physically challenged/acid victim

Physically challenged and acid victims

1. As decided by Scholarship Committee
2. For the entire program

Economically disadvantaged

1. Economically disadvantaged and orphans who live with their relatives.
2. Parents’ monthly income not more than Tk. 20,000/-
3. Scoring a GPA of 4 (without 4th subject) in SSC and HSC or
4 ’A’s & 1 ‘B’ in O level and 2 ‘A’s & 1 ‘B’ in A level

1. As decided by Scholarship Committee
2. For the entire program

Children of Freedom Fighter

The children of Freedom Fighters


Applicable for the the entire program provided that the student

1. Take all offered courses; and
2. Does not fail in any course.
3. Maintain minimum CGPA 3.00 to carry on with 100% Scholarship.
4. If CGPA is greater than or equal to  2.50 and less than 3.00 will be entitled for  70&% Scholarship .
5. If CGPA is less than 2.50  the then students will be entitled for 40% General Scholarship .

Scholarship & Education Aid - Policy


-For maintaining scholarships/education-aid student(s) need to:
* At Least Attend 80% of classes
* Ensure prompt payment of fees
-A student’s information (name, photo, result etc.) may be released to the award donor or for publicity purposes.
-A student may avail only one type of scholarship/education-aid in a Trimester .
-CUB reserves the right to change its scholarship policy without prior notice
-Students with comparable results in the old HSC system or in the GCE / GCSE / IGCSE or from any other international public examination system are also eligible for the above merit scholarships.
-No Semester Drops with out prior permission .
-No breach of University rules and regulations
-The scholarship will be reviewed/reassessed each semester based on the CGPA of previous of the latest semester’s result (for example, the applicant of Summer’17 semester will be assessed based on the result of Spring’17 semester).
- All the decisions regarding Scholarship and Education Aid can be reassessed, reviewed and revised any time by the Scholarship Committee and BOT.



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