Students' Code of Conduct

The Canadian university of Bangladesh (CUB) aims to ensure an environment conducive to the study of the students based on the principles and values of mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence of all the individuals involved with CUB. The studen's code of conduct strives to engage the students in attaining this goal by providing appropriate guidelines as to the allowable and non-allowable activities for the students.

1. Definitions:

University: The term 'university' shall include any property (movable or immovable) owned or rented by the university authorities for the conduct of its activities. It shall also include any place and property temporarily used by the university to conduct its activities.

Proctorial Security Team: A team shall be constituted with the 'Proctor' and such other members as S/he deems necessary for the purpose of dispensing with the obligations under this Code. Punishable Offences: The offences mentioned in clause 2 shall be the punishable offences under this Code.

2. Offences:

The following acts being violative of CUB code of conduct are punishable through appropriate procedures.

Academic Dishonesty/plagiarism: Using any kind of illegal means (including but not limited to cheating, using electronic device, impersonating someone else) in the exam is completely prohibited.

In pursuance of its goal to foster creativity, CUB maintains zero tolerance towards plagiarism. Hence, presenting someone else's work as your own is a punishable offence under this code.

Offences against Property: Vandalism, arson, willful act or reckless behavior leading to the damage of any property of the university or of any person associated with the university is a punishable offence.

Offences against intellectual property: The CUB logo, publications, audio-visual productions and other media materials are the intellectual properties of the university. Any unauthorized used thereof is a punishable offence.

Unauthorized Recording: Recording, storage, sharing, distribution of images, videos or sound recording within CUB campus without the appropriate authorization of the concerned person/Department is a prohibited act within the meaning of the code.

Offences affecting the reputation of the university: By virtue of being a member of CUB family every student is obliged to maintain the reputation of the university. Therefore, any act which adversely affects the reputation of the university (including online activities) is a punishable offence under this code.

Offences against the Faculties, Officers and Staffs of the University: Any indecent behavior, vulgar acts, use of improper expressions or languages while communicating with the faculties, officers and staffs of CUB are punishable offences. Use of threat, attempt to intimate such persons or any act of coercion against them are also punishable.

Disobedience: Disobedience of any rules of the university or the order of any concerned person shall be regarded as the violation of the code of conduct.

Misuse of University ID: Misuse of the student ID card provided by the university, e.g., lending it to anyone else, using it for any purpose which adversely affects the university is completely illegal.

Offences relating to Smoking: CUB campus is a smoking free area and all members including the students are strictly forbidden to smoke therein.

Offences relating to Drugs: Use, production, distribution, sale or possession in any manner of any kind of illegal drugs in CUB campus is prohibited.

Indecent behavior: Any kind of indecent and socially unacceptable behavior is prohibited.

Dress Code: In the university no student should dress in a manner which is not socially acceptable in context of the moral and cultural values of Bangladesh, e.g., shorts, three-quarter pants.

Offences relating to sexual harassment: CUB maintains zero tolerance attitudes towards sexual harassment. However, any incident relating to sexual harassment shall be forwarded to the Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee.

Violence: any kind of physical violence or any threat to do so is a punishable offence.

Offences related to weapons: possession, use or display of any kind of weapons or explosive substance is strictly prohibited.

Student politics: CUB doses not allow its students to open/operate any branch of any political/other associations within the campus without the prior approval of the relevant authority.

Criminal Offence: If any student is found guilty of any criminal offence under the existing penal laws of Bangladesh in the campus, apart from taking disciplinary actions, the university authority reserves the right to hand over the concerned student to the law enforcing agencies.

Subversive activity: No student is allowed to do or say anything which is against the sovereignty of Bangladesh or amount to any conspiracy against the lawful government of Bangladesh.

3. Extra-ordinary Provisions:

Convicted under existing Penal Laws of Bangladesh:
If any student is found guilty of any criminal activity under the penal laws of Bangladesh, the university reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action proportionate to the crime.

Enhanced Punishment:
After being punished for any violation of code of conduct, if the same student commits the same offence again, for the subsequent violation he/she will be subject to enhanced punishment than the previous one.

Right to amendment:
The Proctorial Body shall have the right to amend this code of conduct by the consent of at least two-third of its members (with or without retrospective effect) in line with the aims and objectives of the university.

4. Punishments:

If any student is found guilty of violation of any of the foregoing provisions, any one or more of the following punishments may follow:

  • Written or verbal warning.
  • Cancellation of exam/assignment.
  • Suspension for one or more trimester.
  • Expulsion from the university.
  • Compensation